Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Book Today!

Assassin's Silence is being released today, the latest David Slaton Thriller. Available at bookstores and online everywhere.
"Slaton is the perfect assassin, and this is the perfect action-adventure thriller." -- Booklist (starred review)

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  1. Mr Larsen, I read Prefect Assassin and fell madly in love with David Slaton. I have just read and enjoyed Assassin's Game so much that I am about to purchase Assassin's Silence, which is the most expensive book I have ever purchased on kindle. If it doesn't have a happy ending THIS time, I am coming for you!!! Yes, all the way from Australia.

    I am sure you know this - the enigmatic finish to "Game" is an amazing lure for the reader to head for the next one. I just have to know what happens - the mark of a superb author.

    Thank you for writing such incredible and engrossing books :)

    Best wishes

    Diana Hockley