Friday, November 5, 2010


The big news this month is the announcement of my first movie deal. Amber Entertainment has acquired the film rights to The Perfect Assassin. I'll soon begin working with a screenwriter to adapt the book into a big screen version. I'm really looking forward to it, and will give updates here on our progress. Who should play the kidon?
Now the answer to last month's trivia question regarding the fuel efficiency of cars versus commercial airliners. A few assumptions have to be made regarding the particular aircraft and length of flight, and we'll also give the airplane an average load of passengers. That said, a Boeing 737 gets roughly 65 miles per gallon per passenger. Now if we give an average car 25 miles per gallon, the result is that the airplane is more efficient when one or two passengers ride in the car, but falls behind with the addition of a third passenger. All in all, commercial aircraft are really quite competitive. Surprised? Most people are.
Thanks for joining me.

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